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tripledoublebonusvideopoker|AI行业电力需求激增 可能推动天然气发电行业繁荣

2024-05-07 editor Views(40)

As artificial intelligence (AI) drives a surge in power consumptionTripledoublebonusvideopokerWhile renewable energy power generation may not be able to meet the needs of the industry alone, US natural gas producers are preparing for a surge in demand over the next decade.

After a decade of steady growth in total electricity demand in the US, electricity demand is expected to grow by 20 per cent by 2030, according to an analysis released by Wells Fargo in April.

The rise of artificial intelligence coincides with the expansion of domestic semiconductor and battery manufacturing and the popularity of electric vehicles in the US, where power companies are rapidly increasing their generating capacity to ensure energy supplies.

Wells Fargo predicts that artificial intelligence data centers alone will add about 323 terawatt hours (terawatt hours,TWh) of electricity demand to the US by 2030. One watt-hour equals 1 trillion watt-hour.

Wells Fargo reports that artificial intelligence alone forecasts electricity demand that is seven times higher than New York City's current electricity consumption of 48 terawatt hours a year.

According to Goldman Sachs, data centers will account for 8% of total electricity consumption in the United States by the end of the century.

tripledoublebonusvideopoker|AI行业电力需求激增 可能推动天然气发电行业繁荣

The surge in electricity demand poses challenges for companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Meta Platforms. These technology companies have pledged to use renewable energy to power their data centers to reduce carbon emissions. But solar and wind power alone may not be enough to meet power loads because they are more vulnerable to changeable weather, according to a report in April by consulting firm Rystad Energy.

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